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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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blowing out of the greek economy and they're terrified to take it straight from their own taxpayers' coffers so instead they're taking it from the banks which is indirectly taking it from their own electorates no less there's a talk that this plan might yet actually trigger a partial default of the greek debt when it's supposed to be helping avoid that you're the economist can you explain why that is well it's a very technical issue it has to be said it's all to do with precisely hard the debt is repaid an essential it's like this it's a contract people have bought the debt they've bought the debt for a certain period of time what the e.u. is trying to do is then go back and renegotiate that contract and they're saying well actually we'd like you to basically not get your money back for quite such a long period of time and in the world of finance they regard that as being a default because obviously if you don't pay your loan when your loan is due and then to some degree or another you are in default so that for now they may have saved greece for a while but what about the euro in the long term is it now in its final death
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throes. i'm not sure the euro is absolutely in its duck final death throes but the problem is the can has been kicked down the road the danger of contagion still leaking to other countries such as ireland portugal even italy and spain are there and therefore we don't have a cure we really need to see i think in the technical briefing which we're going to get in a couple of days time precisely the details of this whole plan but what we've seen so far unfortunately looks like hollow words unholy words do not inspire confidence in markets and that has got to be some degree of a problem for the euro in the longer term ten seconds patrick couldn't get a crystal ball out what lies ahead over the next six months more by lives. i think more bailouts and ultimately a double dip recession because ultimately we can't keep spending all of the banks money and all of the government's money on all of these economic issues and at the same time consumers are basically scared and i think they're going to dry up and not be willing to indulge in normal economic activity i think it's
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a worrying time because our journey is perhaps again thank you very on the line tonight from monaco. ok artie's daniel bushell picks up the topic to ask what is the mood across the eurozone as some say impending doom sets in. the single currency will be good within two years warner lists the european debt crisis there's a really very serious threat in. your oh my to disintegrate politicians the richest states their voters refuse to foot the bill well i don't think i've ever met any body in the united kingdom in london mark in situ to actually wants to contribute to the continued existence of the hero because i think it's a stupid idea to start with and it's just chucking money down the drain yet pulling the plug on those states could trigger a chain reaction. greece believe
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investors could no longer avoid quitting the euro. that in turn will spark the exits of portugal even italy and spain. ireland. to stop there over the last couple of. spain over germany italy with germany started europe's top banks hold billions of euro greek debt if those countries go bust they could lose that money. we might see scenarios. means people will run to the bank. in order to withdraw their deposits because they believe the bank might not be able to pay them the euro is facing an existential crisis admits german chancellor angela merkel that's raising tension across the globe. at the moment the most visible
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the most obvious. problems but on the other side of the atlantic you have the u.s. economy. but. the u. leaders could sign the death warrant for the single currency if again they fail to halt the spread in europe experts fear public panic will take over denying them control. brussels. join it as we report later this hour to. with the ether struggling to keep its head above water there are still some countries that are ready to get on board or some commentators have compared to climbing on the titanic started thinking. so were some other news now investigations into the phone hacking case that's rocking the u.k. right now growing by the day with ever more questions being asked of key figures in
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political media and police circles that as the scandal intensifies its impact threatens careers across the board two parties lauren that reports next on how the case continues to haunt not just rupert murdoch but the u.k. prime minister david cameron as well. some major pins in the news hacking scandal may be warbling but at the moment they're still standing despite pull off the ball threatening to smash them out of the game in the frame but if someone was famous he said i'm enjoying this. british prime minister david cameron said this is a humble. thank you the murdoch's chiefs of global news empire news corp also implicated the police accused of bribe taking but where will the next strike come in the phone hacking scandal and who'll end up the biggest turkey. there's been a large amount of fingers america's and just the kind of heads in the sand and that
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is lethal for a prime minister and he's now in a real fight isn't a real but really bad situation he could well be looking at some serious consequences very bizarre at the very least star still around him fancy a flutter on the much of the century betting shops have slashed the odds on cameron being the first m.p. to fall over hacking. and we've seen cameron over the last few weeks fall from one hundred to want to be the next cabinet member to leave to forty one years and he just slightly crept up again to five to one today as a result of his statements in the house where we thought he gave quite a good performance the murdoch's may have dodged bullets coming from every direction from m.p.'s but it was someone not even in the game who hit the eighty year old kingpin right in the face with a phone despite profuse apologies to victims of his own newspaper's unethical behavior he had no intention of stepping down.
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what's less clear is whether david cameron remains the best person to lead britain out of this crisis of confidence it's cameron's arch rival ed miliband. if he's got the skittle shaking and he's eyeing up a spare that will see the whole lot come crashing to the ground so that the country can have the leadership we need why why doesn't he do more why doesn't he do more than give a half apology and provide the full apology now for hiring mr cool and bringing him into the heart of downing street. commentators say to pin spotted machine has placed the prime minister on a firmer footing following wednesday's game in the house of commons but the match is still far from won you know. he is damaged before he was beginning to develop the. camera because none of that sort of damage that
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was in the government actually stopped him the scandals forced resignation school grounds top executives at news corp the u.k.'s two most senior police officers many are asking if the prime minister will be next to find himself lying face down in the gully david cameron's promised a full so apology if it turns out and he calls and was lying to him about his involvement in phone hacking but some say that won't be enough when this is over and we're a long way from that it's far from clear who can survive the frame still to come and remain standing at the top of the media the police and the government. nor abbott r.t. london. communications director of the american energy zero free press told me we've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the crisis. there's been a very cozy relationship between media and government throughout western
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democracies it's no less true in the united states than it is in the u.k. . and what we've what we've seen is is sort of a laying bare of that relationship in a way that that everybody suspected but now we now we can see that it's the. that our suspicions are proven true the only surprise would be if there weren't more surprises and there is suspicion that something similar or to a lesser or greater extent has been happening in the united states if in fact it is found that the allegations that news corp properties were looking for looking to hack the telephones of nine eleven family victims or victims' families that is going to be a storm the likes of which you've never seen in the u.s. you're watching r t international with me kevin owen ahead for this hour of grave concern. and i raised this directly in press press conferences with the jonas of the rituals and the answer was what silence is ok she's mounted rebels in libya
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commit atrocities against civilians and program troops we look at whether the uncomfortable truth is being swept the carpet. serbia is expecting progress on its bid to join the e.u. after the arrest of war crimes suspect got how to each that had been a key hurdle on the road to membership that still need clearing how to maybe exit soon a saturday off the set of firth reports now from the serbian capital well great. whilst the government is very much to the west the public opinion actually does this quite significantly now the last time i was in belgrade at the end of last year i spoke to the deputy prime minister hen i asked him why there's still such a government drive to membership and he said that they really see this as a chance for serbian people to have a normal life well the people here in serbia only have to look at what's happening right now in greece in spain in italy to see quite clearly even
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membership is not going to be the answer to all our country's problems now add to that that they're also a very disillusioned with the government's policies and the way that they've handled this whole partnership and dealings with the e.u. they feel the serbia is being made to jump through hoops and it was their filling all these demands that are put on them by the this thing gets very little in return . and what it usually gets it has nothing whatsoever. so we have got many many more hoops to jump over before we can get anywhere close to member ship the e.u. has always linked. membership with the full cooperation with the hague and we've already heard from president parrish that he feels that they have felt the moral and legal obligations to the hague so it's going to be very interesting now to see with this latest arrest of had it whether or not the e.u.
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is going to school not just with words but with actions that it seems that with the arrest serbia really has called brussels bluff to syria first it will brussels is not going to fulfill promises it gave the wish list and with the arrest of go to one hundred serve steven. choose from the separate it's a story corps project. the list of demands will grow president there which is truly people who waltz. one by one in. serbia free it to the european you. were here because. we knew. there was economy. going to human so because it's made so far over there brought him. all shows that about sixty percent of the serbs are opposed to. the e.u. many have relatives abroad and are getting the picture or things or why they are in
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the promised. sure they are seeing breeds and there are also indications will not be successful we can see. why even the most skillful propagandists so but there. is a committee that's the population. of the. placating offering them something more serious to get anywhere. but of interest on this story on our website and our r.t. for a many ways to get involved in a discussion online of course one of us know what you think about it and of thing else you see that the stories get a lot of clicks to delivery with a difference in a lion's den as zero just pledged to spend five weeks with his family of big cats in that day and he won't be their lunch he will be the midwife interesting story amount. of what we have got passions and fashions running high in the papers book
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dozens of glamorous contestants putting on their high heels for one hundred meter sprint let's hope those heels don't crack there they go girls or that hottie comes . to serious matters now a grave has been discovered in libya with what's said to be the bodies of five good . the troops that's according to a report in a british newspaper that claims rebel forces could be behind the killings that use follows a recent report by human rights groups that rebels are involved in looting arson and the abuse of civilians so you can chandan independent journalist and spokesman for the british civilians for peace in libya movement believes that crimes committed by the rebels are swept under the carpet to support natives cause in the region i think really fundamentally there's been a problem the way nato the nato nations and their media have related to this these so-called rebels i mean these rebels have been conducting mass lynchings of black people throughout the first several weeks and months of this crisis and i raised
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this directly in press press conferences and the answer was what silence it was uncovered in the media before because this does not fit the narrative since the nine hundred ninety nine nato aggression against yugoslavia which was we are conducting these wars not for geopolitical control and domination of monopolization of mineral wealth but for humanitarian reasons so how can it fit the narrative of these rebels which nato and the nato countries are supporting lynching black people who are conducting all the atrocities they accuse in the gadhafi side of conducting but actually the rebels are conducting these things so it doesn't fit the narrative at all. also making headlines around the world the u.s. has announced it will send aid to famine hit somalia but only if the shore deliveries won't be hindered as they pass through his mist militant controlled areas the u.s. declared a state of famine in southern somalia when the four million people were in danger of starvation a devastating drought caused the crossing of the worst to hit the region decades
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it's estimated the stricken country needs one of the half billion u.s. dollars in aid. for elma kenyans have been given legal permission by a judge in london the british government over alleged atrocities committed during colonial times a claim it's alleged there were systematically abused and special camps set up to crush the rebellion against british foreign office says it should not be held responsible for the actions of the colonial administration. back to earth for its very last landing after almost a fortnight in orbit the touchstone brings an end now to thirty years of the american space shuttle program atlantis is the last shuttle to be retired and it's to be put on display at the kennedy space center any future missions by u.s. astronauts to the international space station and i rely entirely on help from russia. it's going to midnight twenty or moscow up next r.t. sophie shevardnadze discusses the prospects of economic cooperation between paris and moscow with the french president's special representative to russia.
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after the last special representative of the french president no cooperation on russian french business relations thank you very much for being with us today so
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you come to russia every fifteen days what is your primary mission but when you're on your coffee my first mission given by presidents are cozy in line with president medvedev is to report and scope out the establishment of your russian economic zone and the second part of this mission is to strengthen economic cooperation in all possible areas between our countries and. now you have responsibility developing the trade between french france and russia which sectors of the russian economy do you think are most attractive for business leaders in france will the ball of course o.b.'s your team that you know today for france it is of course raw materials in trade we have gas oil is essential but there is much more look at what alstom is doing with trans march holding building locomotives for export across the world look at what's on offer use doing in the pharmaceutical area we cooperate in many new technological areas and today these areas are multiplying because we are in the heart of russia's modernization plan and french companies can offer quality
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technology and so for us to be interest are many not only war materials which remain essential including a nuclear sector in which we can cooperate more deeply. talking about. the good sides of the modernization and present inventive has criticised the investment climate in russia do you see improvement. i see huge progress myself i've been working with russia for many years and i believe we are wrong when seeking to teach lessons to russia today russia is twenty and the progress to date has been huge. and president medvedev invited me or putin have done huge work we see it the changes are profound to put it simply on our side we are not always very aware of that firstly you need to read russian which is not common and secondly you need to come more often to russia so we also need to open our minds there is still much to do however your leaders the president and your
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prime minister say it at the st petersburg forum the roadmap was clarified or that the investment climate is much better today look at the business flow between us the big french groups are present for example vinci who are doing the motorway link between moscow and st petersburg today we are developing cooperation on power generation on the sides of the st petersburg summit we signed with e.d.f. to equip and i would say to provide electricity to the city of tomsk we built parts for a.d.'s for airbus in recruits going siberia so there are multiple areas of cooperation the cooperation between france and russia does work. but i still want to ask you if someone like you doesn't come to russia every fifteen days just the business community in general outside of russia do they still have the old stereotypes of russia because all here if you speak with the presidents of big french groups present in russia they are very happy to be here and they want to develop their business those who are not here yet often house of
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a priore and we have i have to say that in western europe not only in france a problem with our media who do not know russia well and russia should communicate more also there are old stereotypes of the progress achieved is not reflected in media. why why is. pretty trade is very biased in the west russian media. i think their image of russia is based on the past from fifteen or twenty years ago they do not come to russia often and often doesn't russia communicate actually quite little to us on what internal changes are taking place we have to deal with outdated ideas and perceptions which are wrong and this. i believe is an important subject this is a blocking point we often speak about big groups or think about the new or a small and medium sized companies in russia and in france many are already cooperate on what we could do much more in this area. how will the french business that you bring to russia help diversify the economy. today you are in the middle of
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a modernization drive in russia be it in transport water or electricity distribution in aeronautics in health at the laboratories level in high tech and by the way you have school which is a big success many companies e.d.s. alterman students and often but also american german and many others are present so we can help our technology transfers in many areas but also this year we'll be calling to north caucasus to actually evaluate its potential investment in north caucasus. alpine tourism expertize figure in your approach we took what he yes and i believe that russia took a very good decision which is the want to try to stabilize and ensure better security in this area through economic development and both presidents president made the idea of president sarkozy in deauville on the sides of the g eight made a joint declaration on this yes with. russia chose parents as a main supplier not exclusive but main to try to establish ski resorts and develop
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the area coastline this is a huge project led by mr billow president of north caucasus resorts were taking a visit with me and i believe that the based on tourist development will prove to have been the right one to create jobs give people hope and as well you increase security which also comes through economic development we are going to take part in this event your security this is the first time you will because north caucasus. yes for me this will be my first time in the north caucuses and i am very excited to have the chance to discover all which is wonderful i have seen photos the french team accompanying me already knows that area is a wonderful place to. i think you can develop a tourist up in the center of europe which will be very attractive to the whole world but how long do you think it actually could turn to tourism paradise because right now it's not the safest place to be or for tourism tourists to go i mean apartheid expel your thought you know the french have experience we
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developed in croatia remember turkey at the very beginning when we were developing tourism in turkey the area was not safe. and the conviction of your government and your president to say that we are going to develop this area to create jobs for the young of course to ensure security the government provides guarantees for up to seventy percent of investment but it's still taking a chance it's the right decision to develop this area so that is what needs to be done. the aftermath thank you very much for this interview. thank you. forty two thousand americans die each year from car accidents only a thousand. seven hundred thousand people. and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part disease is even more devastating it kills over eight hundred seventy thousand
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top stories in our tea saving greasy leaders a group fresh bailout for the debt stricken country in a crunch summit in brussels but they failed to spell fears the box economic woes are worsening. the e.u. troubles don't some aspiring states from wanting to join said the proposed by all crime fugitive how they behaved in its latest attempt to become a member of a blow. up investigations into the u.k. phone hacking scandal intensify with even more political figures coming scrutiny and public betting on the case. next. straight ahead the
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deadliest diseases. a special report on. everybody eats food and we all have our favorites here in america food is abundant so we take it for granted. think about the food you eat what do you know about it where does it come from how is it made. me eating before corporations were relentlessly marketing foods to us. this film is not just about food it's about the changes in our food supply the changes in the quality of our food. as
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a nurse i work in hospitals and one thing remains the same throughout the mall there are too many sick people. it seems all diseases are on the rise. how many people do you know with heart problems diabetes. the hospitals are full and there's not enough nurses to properly take care of them all. the quality of our food is decreasing and the number of sick people are increasing there has to be a connection. the majority of americans are overweight and at the same time malnourished is it because of refined grain or excess sugar intake what about chemical food additives what role did they play in our health. thousand camels are allowed to be used in our food supply. what is polysorbate sixty. do you know what a partially hydrogenated oil is. this is the question my producer asked me one day while the.


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